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By K. Tiara


Thank you for taking the time to tune in today.  This blog has been created to challenge the reality of your perception on life.  Entries will be added randomly. Previously know as Four Wise Monkeys Blog, 3rd-I Awakening still pursues the same goal in a slightly different manner to kick off 2018, broken down into the four below categories:


  • Hear No Evil:  Video Blog on various topics from an energy awareness view-point.
  • See No Evil:  A series of opinionated articles based on the author's personal experiences
  • Speak No Evil: Promotional Video Blog; explore to understand more about the purpose of each meditation service.
  • Ingest No Evil (the invisible monkey):  Video Blog: Healthier options for the things we put in and on our bodies/mind.


(K. Tiara is not sponsored by any brand, product or organization.  All products are suggested due to personal usage only.  K. Tiara recommends using organic ingredients where ever possible or look for the butterfly - non-gmo project symbol- that will help you avoid modification of your food.)


What is 3rd-I Awakening? Could it be the introduction of your third self; physical form, ego, true-self? Could it be a chakra reference; the chakra of perception? Could it be the awakening of the author's 3rd self; self-love, love for family/friends, love for the world in which we are all connected? Why does meaning have to fit in one category?

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Follow the links below for your educational dose of entertainment:


Hear No Evil

Altering Ur Reactions (3 Part Series):

Part 1: Understanding Urself

Part 2: Welcoming Change

Part 3: Tips 2 Accomplish Ur End Goal



See No Evil

The Merger of Eastern and Western Ideals

Multiple Forms of Support

Karmic Energy

Invoking Change in Your Life

Love or is it?

...I Don't Wish Things Were Different


Speak No Evil

Service Promo: Rei-Card Reading

Kyra Wiggins, LMT Business Promo


Ingest No Evil

Setting Daily Intention 

Beginner's Meditation Guide: Visual Oasis

Invoking Change Meditation

Reiki Principles Meditation

Per Reader Request: Re-mineralizing toothpaste

All-natural toothpaste

All-natural face cleanser

Non-GMO Baked Chicken Wing Meal

Organic Chili in 30 minutes

Organic Pizza: two ways



Thank you; just for being you!  Sending you all love and light on your healing journeys!! 

Until next time!!!


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