Kyra Wiggins, LMT RM
Massage Therapy & Reiki: Holistic Healing and Teaching
About the Practitioner


Kyra Wiggins started her holistic practitioner journey as a licensed massage therapist in 2007; being introduced to the field of massage therapy while attending Heritage College in Kansas City, Mo.  She has actively practiced her skill set in multiple cities and states in the Midwest and the South.  December 2014, Kyra introduced her developed form of therapy to the Huntsville, AL area. As of September 2016, Kyra has come back to her hometown of Kansas City, MO with a new found skill set; Reiki.

A therapist with a passion and love for their skill will project that same love through their work.  Kyra customizes each Reiki session specifically to the needs of her patient whether needing just to relax or if they have deeper healing needs.  Kyra has specified her practice to the energetic cleansing of homes, the body's aura and chakras.  Outside of her cleansing work, Kyra can be found teaching the art of Reiki.  She truly believes that healing starts within and Reiki can promote this healing. With this understanding, Kyra has now published her first literary work 'I Am Merely A Messenger: A Guide to the Road of Self Awareness' to aid those looking for a better understanding of self healing (see the smashword widget below for more info).

In June 2016, Kyra faced the hardest timeframe of her life as she gave birth to a 1 pound 15 ounce baby boy at 30 weeks gestation.  The 61 day stay in the NICU proved to be a great test to her family's strength and emotional endurance.  She truly believes that her family’s stay at the NICU was dramatically decreased by her daily use of the holistic art of Reiki healing on her son and herself.  With positive results of his brain scan, heart exam, eye exam and no signs of infection at any point in her son’s stay, her belief in the healing art grew.  Now after completing her final certification in the art of Reiki, Reiki Master Level, she has been called to provide healing to any that will allow through teaching others how to utilize the art form themselves.


"I hope to bring a little more happiness into the world through the healing arts.  If more people took it upon themselves to heal and then help others heal, the world would be a little more peaceful and happiness would then ensue. "

-Kyra Wiggins, RM 



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