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Karmic Energy


Karma, in Hinduism and Buddhism, refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and action (cause) influences the future (effect).  It is believed that each of your actions in the present, including thought, in some shape or form has an impact on the outcome of your future.

Most people perceive the karmic effect as pertaining only to actions; if you do good deeds then you will receive good fortune and vice versa, if you do bad deeds you will receive misfortune.  However, let’s expand this concept to include thought, speech and energy; to tie these concepts together, here is my personal theory:

“The karmic effect of intended actions, thought and speech will result in the polarity of one’s energy.  Meaning collectively over time, the positivity and/or negativity one stores per each positive and/or negative action, thought or speech, directly builds positive or negative energy within one’s being; therefore creating the concept of Karmic Energy: the energy within one’s being that is the direct effect of the individual’s accumulative karma throughout their existence.”

As a licensed massage therapist and certified Reiki Master, I truly believe that negative energy build-up can result in pain, discomfort, illness and disease.  There are many modalities available to assist individuals with the removal of negative energy and restoration of positive energy: Massage Therapy, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, RYSE, Chakra Manipulation, Sage Cleansing, and many more. However, if you continue to accumulate negative energy, you will tend to rely on these modalities to find your peace in life.  Don’t get me wrong, these modality specialists have been places in your life to help you during your time of need and point you in the right direction of healing but at what point do u take the bull by the horns and become an aid to your own rescue?  Here are a few steps to take control of your karmic energy and therefore harness the power to control your own happiness and peace in life:

Take Action

Let’s go deeper than the surface of good deeds.  I’m not talking about volunteering down at your local soup kitchen during the holidays; though I’m sure your community appreciates you lending a hand.  I’m talking about finding the balance of taking care of yourself while simultaneously ALWAYS looking out for the best interest of others.  I believe that each one of our life’s purposes involve intended action that is best for the greater good of society as a whole.  Meaning that if you have dedicated your life’s work to helping others or your daily work is fueled by the concept of making it easier for others, regardless of the benefit you receive from your actions, you’re on the right path to accumulating positive energy in regards to your karmic action.  If you whole heartedly treat others the way you would want to be treated, you are on the path to accumulating positive karmic energy.  If you can take a moment to be selfless and help that stranger who is struggling and not look for anything in return, you are on the path to accumulate positive karmic energy.  Set forth actions in your life that put others first without neglecting yourself and you will be surprise the change in karmic energy you will receive.

Be Aware of Your Thoughts

This is an area that I’m personally still working on.  Thought, memories and desires can have a direct effect on your emotions which in return will have a direct effect on your actions and speech.  For some reason, I have this concept instilled in me to expect the best but prepare for the worse.  In preparing for the worse, I’ve now created a bad habit of seeing the worse outcome of a situation before I even see the potentially positive outcome.  Then I harbor on the negative thoughts associated with the possible worse outcome.  This line of action has proven to be more harmful than beneficial.  I am currently working on focusing my energy on the possible positive outcome more often, not saying that I don’t still prepare for the worse (I have to stay prepared) but I don’t let the worse possible outcome linger in my mind.  This has taken repetitive self re-direction on a continuous basis in an attempt to break this habit and in exchange, form a new one.

When it comes to memories, that’s a slightly different story; unhealed traumatic memories can do more damage to your energy then you are even aware of.  Whether you constantly replay these memories in an effort to prevent reliving them in the present or you store them in the back of your mind in an effort to try to forget them, without taking proper healing measures, the negative energy that resulted from those situations are still within your karmic energy.  When reflecting on past traumas, try to remove your personal emotions from the situation (I know: easier said than done); this exercise will allow you to see the life lesson learnt and/or taught from that past incident.  Keep in mind when reflecting, that you are no longer in that situation, you are no longer currently experiencing that pain; this perceptional awareness while reflecting on the past will help you with putting aside your emotion and utilizing your current state of personal growth to analyze the situation like an outsider looking within.  After you have understood life’s lesson, been made aware of your personal growth from that situation and/or found the light out of the dark, tell yourself (mind and body) that it is no longer useful for you to hold onto this memory.  Properly analyzing your past will allow you to turn that negative memory into positive karmic energy and ultimately prevent you from having to relive the same life lesson in a different manner (If you truly understood the lesson at hand). Letting go of past trauma is by no means an easy feat but don’t give up on yourself; you deserve peace and only you can give that to yourself.

Let’s talk about desires; setting positive intention for your desires can be tricky.  What most don’t know, when asking the universe to fulfill your desire, is you must speak on what you do want verses what you don’t.  Tell yourself that the universe can’t understand the word ‘don’t’.  (Example: if you ask the universe not to bring drama your way today, the universe heard u ask to bring drama your way today)  You may not even realize it but depending on how you set your intention makes a world of difference on the direction you’ll receive.  Try starting each day asking for what you want for your day (Example: I ask to have a day free of drama).  Be direct and be specific but also keep in mind that the universe will provide you with what you’re ready to receive at that point in time.  If you receive something not so favorable, it may be time to reflect on what was brought forth in an effort to heal it and then you will be ready to receive that which you are asking for (Example: In asking to have a day free of drama, you may have to mend a current relationship in order to prevent the dramatics in the future).  Although this seems like a small change, you will yield a large and positive result.  Just like each small grain of sand eventually adding up to an entire shoreline, each form of negative karma that converts to positive karma will eventually add up to an individual’s overall positive karmic energy.

Speech Positivity into Existence

Just as you have to be mindful of your thoughts, you have to be mindful of your words; words hold more power than many are aware of.  Most are aware of the power of words to others, children, significant others, co-workers, etc, due to the direct response they receive in return.  However, I want to touch on the power of words utilized in self-speech.  Even though, these words may be thought, the way we talk to ourselves has a direct effect on how we perceive the world and how we carry ourselves in that perception.  Although, we may see nothing wrong with looking in the mirror and pointing out our flaws to ourselves, be mindful of the way you go about it.  Tearing yourself down so that it doesn’t affect you emotionally if someone else does it, it not the best way to internalize your current situation.  These little hacks we take at ourselves are slowly taking a toll on our phyche.  It’s not about what you say; it’s about how you say it (Example: As you look in the mirror while getting ready; current mindset (societal influence of self interpretation):  “I look fat, there is no way I’m going to be summer ready.” Try this corrected mindset (positive self-speech):  “It’s time to buckle down and get serious about getting healthy.  If I take it one day at a time, I’ll surly be summer ready.”).

In utilizing positive self-speech, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be realistic with yourself.  It’s just the opposite, being realistic will allow you to set real goals which will give you a better chance at actually achieving them.  If you want something bad enough, you will do anything to make it happen.  Don’t feed into the negative self speech that you have been utilizing; most of the time these thoughts aren’t even your own, you most likely have adapted them from what another person has thought of you.  What do you think of yourself?  If you truly believe the negative self-speech you preach to yourself, you may want to change your focus to finding self-love before trying to tackle the challenge of positive self-speech.

After you have mastered the art of positive self-speech, move on to speaking positive on your life. Don’t be afraid to ask the universe for positive life achievements.  Ask for the things you want but be prepared to put in the work that it will take to reach those goals.  In mastering positive self-speech, you will put value on your worth and therefore value on your life.  Higher expectations, goals and desires will arise, as they should. It is important to not fear the road untraveled.  Be okay with being more than you’ve been told you’re capable of being, be okay with being more than you’ve imaged you could be and, at the same time, be okay with leaving those behind that don’t elevate with you on your journey (the negativity of those around you can affect your energy, don’t let others bring you down in an effort to keep you on their level).  Stay humble during this process of lifting yourself up though continual positive action, thought and speech in regards to yourself and others. You’d be surprise the lives you can change just by focusing on changing your own; there is something powerful about having a real life success story play out in front of your eyes (some people aren’t motivated until someone close to them proves it’s possible to defy the odds). To my surprise, many of my friends, former co-workers and even family members have found motivation to take step to change their lives after hearing of the success I have had on my personal journey.  Humbly it is pleasing to know that the risk I take are doing good for more than just my own life; knowing this motivates me to keep pushing forward even when I doubt myself and this creates a circle of motivation with the community.

Another unknown fact about karma, in life you attract the energy in which you exude.  Meaning if you take the three main steps above to convert as much positive energy as possible, with your actions, thought and speech, in return you will receive positive energy in your life.  People who will be beneficial to your personal progression will be attracted to the energy you give off, it may even help you find your soul mate of this lifetime or strengthen the current relationship between you and your spouse.   Now imagine if you excel in every area in your life, find your happiness and peace and then in return it automatically motivates others around you to do the same.  The chain reaction of positivity could possible spread around the world overtime.  So whether you’re an individual looking to be the best version of yourself or if you’re a selfless person looking to find a way to help the greater good of all, putting in the work to achieve the highest level of positive karmic energy within your own being is the best way to achieve your goal.  Even if you don’t understand the concept, know that healing yourself heals the whole; we are all connected.


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