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See No Evil

May 21, 2017


Per Reader Request

At the end of the last 'See No Evil' blog entry, pertaining to the all-natural toothpaste (see archived blogs for more details), I mentioned a re-mineralizing toothpaste that I had heard of but hadn't actually tried yet.  Well, I have been utilizing the re-mineralizing toothpaste (recipe below) for about a month now and I absolutely love it.  I was having, what I believed to be, cavity sensitivity in one of my teeth and I no longer get that pins and needle feeling when I go from eating something warm to drinking something cool.  I even have my mother using this toothpaste for her sensitivity.   This month's blog entry will just be the recipe for the re-mineralizing toothpaste, that I currently use, per the reader's request:


5 parts calcium powder

3 parts xylitol powder

2 parts baking soda

3-5 parts coconut oil (until desired texture)

peppermint essential oil (to desired taste)



  1. Mix dry ingredients in container (calcium, xylitol & baking soda)
  2. Mix liquefied coconut oil until desired texture
  3. Add essential oil to taste
  4. Store in air tight container (mason jar)


Not only did this mixture still give me the whitening strength of the first toothpaste, it also helped strengthen my teeth. I'm never buying store bought toothpaste again! 


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