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Kyra Wiggins, RM has found her calling in the energetic cleansing of individual's homes, their body's aura and accompanied chakras; which in turn created an environment within each client to promote healing on the deepest level of our existence. Each cleansing session differs per patient but the method of healing remains the same.  The practitioner utilizes burning sage to clean each home and/or office space and, if you allow, any energetic communication that is picked up in the process will be discussed. Burning sage is also utilized to clean the body's aura and then a hands on energetic chakra cleansing routine follows.  New Service Now Available - Rei-Card Reading; this technique utilizes Reiki to allow you to connect to your spiritual belief system, in an effort to be guided in a specific area of your life.  A 10-card layout is utilized to relay your spiritual guidance to you. Each cleansing session is meant to clear any negative energy and promote positive energy restoration and therefore optimal health. Through the years, Kyra has even developed a combination of internal and external healing through combining Reiki energy healing and Massage Therapy in one healing session (see more info on MSB Integrative Healing Session through the book now button):


45 minute Rei-Card Reading:   $45

60 minute sage home cleanse:   $75

90 minute chakra & aura cleanse:   $125

60 minute full body Reiki cleanse:   $130

105 minute combo cleanse (home, aura & chakras):   $135


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