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The Merger of Eastern and Western Ideals



For as long as I can remember, eastern and western ideals have not only been separated by hemispheres but also by the human perception; with the majority of the perceptional separation being in the western hemisphere.  It is with honor to announce that the day, these separate ideals can merge into one perception, is now upon us. Scientists have been studying the life force that keeps us alive [energy/chi] for a long time and over the last 70 years, elite establishments like Harvard, Yale and John Hopkins have been doing research on how that energy can be manipulated through varies eastern techniques [Reiki to be specific].  On the other hand, eastern ideals are mainly based [since the beginning of time] off the body’s energy/chi; not only in the perception of everyday life, but also in the perception of medical care. 

After much research in the western hemisphere, in regards to the eastern beliefs, a common ground has been found.  All across the United States, hospitals are now utilizing the knowledge and techniques of eastern medicine ideals and incorporating them into the western medicine protocol; especially for those who have reached a state of ‘incurable’ within western means.  Actually, it took a professional in the western medicine field to become sick herself with a complication labeled as incurable, in order for her perception to be opened to the merger of eastern and western ideals.

Upon looking for a cure of her own, Dr. Anastasia Chopelas not only found benefit in the merging of the two perceptions, she took it upon herself to present her personal scientific findings to the world.  Dr. Anastasia discovered a protocol that can be utilized to read the level of energy in the body. According to her research, the body is said to omit individual units of energy, coined photons, and collectively the body’s photons create its frequency. Then she took things a step further, in discovering that the body’s frequency can be manipulated.  Through independent testing, it was discovered that there are multiple factors that can lower one’s frequency, leading to minor aches/pains, illness, disease and eventually, if un-addressed, death. In the same token, she found that there are multiple factors that can be implemented into one’s life that will raise the body’s frequency as well.  Here is short list of known factors that can lower and raise your frequency:


Factors that lower your frequency:

·         Toxic Relationships

·         Unhealed Traumas

·         Repressed Emotions

·         Negative Thought

·         Stress

·         Toxicity (Chemical/Heavy Metal)

·         Excessive Alcohol/Drugs/Exercise

·         Eating Red Meat

·         The company you keep (environment/friends)


Factors that raise your frequency:

·         Healing Past Relationships/Traumas

·         Working at a job you love

·         Healthy Food: Organic/Non-GMO

·         Meditation/Yoga/Thai Chi/ Visualization/ Breathing Exercises (20%)

·         Music (Classical/Inspirational)

·         Walking in Nature

·         Interacting with Animals

·         Clean/Organized Living Environment

·         Positive Thinking/Perceptional Change

·         Reiki


Feel free to do your own investigation of Dr. Anastasia’s research but according to her finding, healing past relationships is the number one way to raise your frequency and therefore increase your overall health.  Currently in the western hemisphere, there is a huge push to look for healthier options in life due to the increase in incurable diseases that have plagued our families.  When most think of being healthier, they talk of eating ‘right’ and exercise; unfortunately that’s all we’ve been taught.  According to the research, eating healthy falls toward the bottom of the list of factors that raise your frequency; although still on the list, there are 7 other factors that prove to raise your frequency faster than food alone.  For example, studies show that working at a job you love will raise your body’s frequency more efficiently than if you only change your diet.

Raising your frequency is not always about changing what you’re currently doing; although what you’re currently doing did get you to the state you’re currently looking to change.  It can also be about implementing new elements that you may not have tried yet.  So when that free yogi demonstration is held in a city near you, or you notice your local library is hosting a early morning Thai Chi class, take advantage of these opportunities to not only raise your frequency, up to 20% according to Dr. Anastasia, but also to open your perception to ways, currently unbeknown to you, to achieve your health goals. You’ll be surprised how many professionals actually offer free information locally.

Professionally, I am a Reiki instructor and practitioner by trade.  According to Dr. Anastasia’s research, Reiki, the ancient Japanese art of healing one’s energy, can increase the body’s frequency up to 60%.  This is more of an advanced technique that is currently being implemented into the cancer ward of hospitals across the United States, as a proven technique coupled with traditional western medicine to increase the probability of healing.  It is said that three months of Reiki healing can be as equally beneficial as three years of psychology.  So whether healing of the mind, body or even if connecting with one’s own soul is needed, Reiki is my go-to technique. 

I am not asking anyone to change their belief system in order to accept this new concept.  If this information resonated with you, the next step after awareness is implication.  Two of the most important lessons that I have learned from practicing Reiki is:

1.      Knowledge on deaf ears goes unheard; it is a waste of time to try to change the perception of anyone, you can only plant the seed. It is then their responsibility to set their own intention for their life; their choices equal their end result.

2.      The same rule allows to you; set your intention to open your heart and mind to anything that will be beneficial for your higher purpose (anything that resonates with your soul) and as opportunities present themselves (as seeds are planted), it is your responsibility to allow your perception to grow by learning, experiencing and implanting into your life the changes you are being taught.  You have the choice in how you live your life and your choices equal your end result.


-K. Tiara

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